5 Ways To Use Your Turkish Towel

5 Ways To Use Your Turkish Towel

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While our Turkish towels look stunning in the kitchen and bathroom where we’d house them for their original uses, one of the things we love so much about them is their versatility, and multi-functional aspects.

Whether from an organizational, financial, or eco point of view, having one item that fulfils multiple uses simply makes sense. Check out our list below for our Top 5 Favourite Uses for our Stray & Wander Turkish Towels.

1. Wanderlust Accessory
Whether you’re trekking though a sleepy Costarican Surf town, or logging some serious hours in the park this weekend, we’d suggest bringing at least one of our full size Turkish towels along for the trip. Light weight, quick drying, and roomy enough to sit or stretch out on, these organic cotton Turkish textiles are just the ticket for wherever your adventures take you.

2. Yoga Mat Towel
We could all use a little OM in our lives, and in our opinion there’s nothing worse than slipping on your mat when you’re trying to focus on your downward dog. We’ve discovered that our S&W full size, and Marin hand towels are perfect to place over our mats for some added traction, and knowing that our favourite yoga accessories are ethical traded and fairly sourced just adds to our zen vibe.

3. Hair Towel
Washing our hair can be a bit of a drag, but we’ve discovered that our Marin hand towels make drying a synch. The super-absorbent fibres in the organic Turkish cotton decrease drying time, even the towels themselves dry out quickly once we’re done. Our rainbow of colours makes it easy to match any bathroom décor, or add a pop of brights to a neutral room.

4. Pretty Scarf
Although we’re still in denial that Summer is drawing to a close, one of the nicest ways to celebrate cooler evenings is by wrapping our cold shoulders in one of our full size Stray and Wander towels. We love the look styled with distressed denim and a simple white T, either draped around us, or looped softly at the neck.

5. Boho Throw
We honestly believe you can never have too many Stray & Wander Turkish towels, and our homes are no exception. We love using the full sized towels as boho throws to drape over the back of chairs and ottomans, and for cosy covers in our kid’s rooms.

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