8 Self-Care Activities That You Can Do In 15 Minutes Or Less

8 Self-Care Activities That You Can Do In 15 Minutes Or Less

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For most of us, the past few years have been tough. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, you certainly aren’t alone. During times like these, it becomes increasingly important for us to find small moments in our day for self-care.

Many of us are juggling intense work loads, family life and a plethora of other responsibilities that are pulling us every which way. In an attempt to balance it all, we often find ourselves with very little time left for self-care. Here are a few quick and easy suggestions that you can incorporate into your day:

Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing slows down your heart rate, allows the body to take in more oxygen and ultimately signals the brain to wind down. It also balances your hormones and helps to lower cortisol levels. Taking a few minutes to breathe deeply will help you to relax both your mind and body.

You can try doing your breathing alone or using one of the many apps available. We love using  Calm and Insight Timer. You can also check out this post for some helpful breathing and grounding exercises.

Write A Gratitude List

Taking a few minutes to focus on things that we are grateful for forces us to pay attention to the good things in life that we may otherwise take for granted. When we begin to routinely focus on these things, the tone of our lives can shift in profound ways. Try doing this first thing in the morning; practicing gratitude when we wake up can really help to set the tone for the day. When you take time to focus on the good, your life becomes more positive.

Light A Candle

The simple act of lighting a candle can help to set a tranquil tone and helps to bring our attention back to the present. When we need a little mood booster we reach for our favourite Fenwick Candles.

Make A Warm Drink

Whether you prefer herbal tea or hot cocoa, taking the time to enjoy a hot drink sipped slowly from your favourite mug can be an instant de-stressor. Lately we’ve been enjoying Lake & Oak teas during the colder months. Our current favourites are the Ashwaganda & Chill and the Cacao Mylk.

Scalp Massage

Give yourself a quick scalp massage to help you relax and reduce tension. We love this quick tutorial from our friends at Holistic Hair Studio. As an added bonus, scalp massage can also help to promote hair growth!

Just Dance

Throw on your favourite tunes, turn up the volume and give yourself a few minutes to just dance around and move your body freely. Dancing can improve your mood and helps to lower stress and anxiety.

Go For A Walk

Physical activity has a huge potential to enhance our wellbeing. Even a short 10 minute walk can increase our energy levels and mood.  Walking can also help to clear your mind and awaken your creativity.

Reach Out To A Loved One

We are all social beings, and sometimes, all it takes to lift our spirits is to connect with another human. It’s vey important for us to feel connection and that we aren’t alone. A quick phone call, or video chat can do wonders in terms of lifting our spirits!


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