Featured Retailer: Carbon Environmental Boutique

Featured Retailer: Carbon Environmental Boutique

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Carbon Environmental Boutique is an all things eco-boutique located in Edmonton, Alberta. Carbon encourages sustainability and eco-conscious based living while supporting the innovative brands that they work with. All products meet their criteria of toxin-free, sustainable and purposeful living. They prioritize cruelty free products that are ethically produced. Making sure that all materials are ethically sourced, that makers are fairly compensated for their work and that working conditions are healthy and safe.

Their diverse product selection makes them an extremely unique boutique. You can expect to find many everyday and regular use items in a variety of departments, for example: skin care, hair cosmetics, wellness, aromatherapy, housewares, stationary, cleaning supplies, zero + low waste items, and air purificaton. They even offer bulk refilling in store to support the elimination of single use plastic. We’re super proud to have our line of handmade Turkish towels and blankets featured in this innovative boutique!


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