Featured Retailer: Kinsfolk Shop

Featured Retailer: Kinsfolk Shop

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Kinsfolk Shop is a small online shop based in Canada. The shop is run by Tiu Tabak who was inspired to do things differently after working in retail for over a decade. Over the years, Tiu has worked in fast fashion retail, fast home decor, and other types of retail that subscribe to a "throw away" culture of consumerism. It is always about the next fad, and the next season. This is detrimental to the environment, and the livelihood of the workers that make these products, which are often manufactured in oppressive, unsafe and unsustainable working conditions. Tiu wanted to introduce fellow Canadians to a simpler and more intentional approach to living everyday life.

Kinsfolk Shop carries a range of practical, simple products, which include kitchen tools, natural toiletries, cleaning supplies, and Stray & Wander Turkish towels and blankets. They have a strong focus on Canadian made products, but also carry Fair-Trade and ethically sourced goods from around the globe.

Kinsfolk Shop also gives back to Tree Canada and Feed Ontario and all purchases from the shop ship plastic-free and carbon neutral.

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