How Do I Choose the Right Turkish Towel?

How Do I Choose the Right Turkish Towel?

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We often get questions about how to choose the right Turkish towel. While much of it has to do with selecting a pattern and colour that you find appealing, choosing the right weave, and the right towel size for your needs is also very important.

Here are a few tips to help narrow it down:


Don't let the name fool you, these small sized beauties are just as versatile as their full-sized counterparts. They're very tightly woven and super absorbent. Here are our favourite ways to use them:

  • hand towels
  • tea towels
  • hair towel
  • hot yoga towel
  • gym/sports towel
  • baby burp cloth
  • table covering


Looking for the perfect beach towel?

We've definitely got you covered. Generally, we recommend choosing one of our tighter weaves if you'll be spending lots of time on the beach. Our general rule of thumb when choosing a beach towel is that the tighter the weave is, the less sandy your bum will be!

Here are our top towel recommendations for sand-free sunbathing:

  • Cove Towel
  • Harbour Towel
  • Rio Towel
  • Brook Towel
  • Coastal Towel
  • Yara Towel

Looking for a towel for your home?

Good news, this one's easy! All of our towels are great for the home. Go ahead and experiment with colour, texture, and pattern. A simple and inexpensive way to update a powder room is by adding beautiful Turkish towels for pops of colour and  texture.

Looking for a new scarf or shawl?

Our full sized towels all make great scarves and shawls. There are no bad choices, however, we generally recommend our looser weaves and stone-washed towels because  they have a plusher and softer feel. We just LOVE feeling cozy!

Our favourites:

  • Maya Towel
  • Coastal Towel
  • Wavy Towel
  • Kai Towel

Looking for an a multipurpose towel?

From the beach, to camping, to the cottage, we've got you covered. Both tight and loose weaves make great all around towels.  

Here are a few of our favs:

  • Cove Towel
  • Rio Towel
  • Maya Towel
  • Coastal Towel
  • Yara Towel

Have you chosen your towel? If so, have a quick read here to learn how to take care of your handmade beauty.

Still not sure which towel to choose? Not to worry..shoot us an email at and one of our towel experts will be happy to help!



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