How To Grow Healthy Hair

How To Grow Healthy Hair

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We all want strong and beautiful healthy hair, but it can be easy to get overwhelmed when trying to figure out what actually works. There are definitely a lot of gimmicks out there! Here are a few super easy ways to make sure that you’re growing your best hair!


Strong and healthy hair starts on the inside! Did you know that as soon as the hair leaves the follicle in your scalp, it’s technically “dead”? Weird, I know! This means that it’s SUPER important to give our hair all the nourishment and building blocks that we can, by making good choices about what we put in our bodies. There are lots of ways we can nourish our hair; here are a few of my absolute favourites: collagen (tasteless powder that dissolves in liquid), iron and omega 3s. Also, make sure that you’re eating enough protein and drinking lots and lots of water.


Heat is the number one reason I see excessive hair damage. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always from curling irons or flat irons! In cold winter weather, many of us enjoy taking hot showers. However, what we don’t often consider is that this hot water is zapping the moisture from our hair and skin. Try washing your hair separately in luke-warm water, or, just turning down the dial a bit. If you’re really attached to your blow-dryer and irons, make sure you’re using a good thermal protector prior to applying heat.

If you have coloured hair, it’s great to incorporate a restructuring treatment or mask into your routine; check with your hair care professional to see what they recommend for you. Why not also use this time for a bit of relaxing self-care? I like to light some candles, turn on my aromatherapy diffuser, wrap my hair up in a Marin Towel (to keep the heat in) and delve into a good book.

I would highly recommend that you consider switching to a silk pillowcase; luxurious, right? While cotton is an amazing fabric, it can absorb the moisture from your hair and skin, and easily mess up your styled hair. If you toss and turn at night, cotton pillowcases can weaken your hair, potentially adding to breakage. Alternately, silk is breathable and slippery and will help to hold your style for the next day. It’s a good tip to help you avoid the dreaded bedhead. #iwokeuplikethis


Stress; not only does it have a detrimental affect on your overall health, more specifically, it can have a negative affect your hair. While a small amount of stress can actually be good for us, extreme stress can lower our immune system and increase the risk of catching a cold or the flu. When our bodies are stressed, the nutrients that usually go to our hair may be redirected to support our body.

Speaking of nutrient absorption- all that ‘gut health’ talk isn’t just a trend. If our digestive system isn’t functioning optimally, the nutrients in our body can become depleted. Make sure to take your probiotics and eat all those delicious fermented foods!

Implementing these suggestions are small, but beautiful acts of self-care that will help you to grow your best hair!




Diana Osborne is a Toronto-based holistic hair expert who helps people achieve beautiful hair using healthy ingredients. She also focuses on educating people on lifestyle habits that help to feed their hair. Diana is passionate about conscious business, the environment, education and creating awareness about MCS.

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