How We're Using Our Turkish Towels & Blankets This Summer

How We're Using Our Turkish Towels & Blankets This Summer

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Summer is officially here! While many of us are still in various stages of lockdown and closures due to the pandemic, there are still so many safe and fun ways to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Here are a few things we have planned for summer, and how we’ll be incorporating our incredibly versatile Turkish towels and blankets:

Sundays are for picnics

On Sundays, we like to head out to a favourite park for a picnic with family and friends. Everyone makes a dish or two and we spend the day playing sports and eating yummy food. We always bring a few blankets to spread out and relax on. Our favourite picnic blankets are the Repose Blanket and the Châlet Blanket because they're extremely light-weight and roll up to a small compact size, making it easy to fit them in a shoulder bag.


We never go camping without our Turkish towels. Their super absorbency and quick drying properties make them ideal . During the day, we use them to dry off after swimming in the lake, and in the evenings, we wrap them around our shoulders to keep warm around the campfire. We also love our Brook Blanket for sleeping at night; it’s a tight weave and lightweight, providing the perfect amount of warmth while not taking up too much room in our bags.

Beach Days

We believe that summers are best spent near, or on, the water. We love bringing our roundies and blankets to the beach so that we can all spread out and sit together. We find that the tighter weaves work best for this, as they don’t allow any sand to get through. Our favourite pieces for sitting on the beach are the Brook Blanket and the Brook Roundie.

Of course, we also have a few full-size and small towels in our beach bag. We use the full size towels to dry off, but we also wear them as beach dresses and sarongs, and we use our small towels for drying our hair. We tend to choose our tightly woven towels to bring to the beach with us. Some of our favourites are the Cove Towel, the Oasis Towel, the Harbour Towel and the Rio Towel.

Summer Activities

Whether you enjoy a hot game of beach volleyball, soccer, or even a hike, our small size Turkish towels make the best sweat towels. We always keep a few in our gym bag and a few in the car. In particular, we love using the Marin Small Towel as it’s the tightest weave and the most absorbent.

Road Trips

One of our favourite ways to spend our weekends in the summer is on the road. We get an early start, pack up the car, and head out looking for adventure. We always pack snacks and drinks, running shoes, swimsuits and full size towels, as we never know where we’ll end up!

Star Gazing

On warm summer evenings you can find us in the countryside in vast open fields, blankets spread out, laying on our backs and looking up at the stars. Our favourite blanket for star gazing is the Rêve Blanket, light-weight, yet still so plush and cozy.


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