Turkish Textiles for Fall: Simple (and Unexpected) Uses

Turkish Textiles for Fall: Simple (and Unexpected) Uses

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As we transition into fall, it’s time to start bringing out the storage bins of cable-knit sweaters, hats, mitts, and scarves. You may even be tempted to pack away the remnants of summer, saying goodbye to your favourite pieces until next summer. While there are certainly pieces that don’t fare so well in the colder months (farewell, cutoffs & flip flops), Turkish towels transition beautifully. Here are a few of our favourite uses for fall:

Tablecloth & Table Runner

Tablecloths serve multiple purposes. From a functional standpoint, they protect your table from minor spills, scrapes, and condensation. They also serve to dress up your table, adding texture and warmth to your dining space. Our favourite towel to feature as a tablecloth for your fall Sunday dinners is the Su Towel. The warm, earthy tones mimic the changing leaves, bringing that autumnal bliss indoors. For an extra-luxurious seasonal tablescape, layer a Rio Small Towel on top as a runner, and add a few decorative touches such as dried tall grasses in a vase (often available for free at the side of the road!), tiny pumpkins, and DIY waxed pine cones.

Shawl, Wrap or Scarf

Moving into fall, the mornings are chilly while the afternoon still clings onto the last of the summer’s warmth. This is one of the easiest times to showcase your favourite Turkish towel as a truly versatile piece. Functioning as a shawl or a wrap, you can stay cozy and warm when the day gets started. The Repose Towel is hands down our number one choice as a perfectly neutral yet elegant piece to take you from chilly morning to warm afternoon. For evening time, it also works perfectly as a cozy wrap or single person throw around a campfire. S’mores anyone?

Moving into the winter, we love to wear our super soft and cozy Maya Towel as a winter scarf. The loose weave and beautifully hand-loomed organic cotton make this a great choice. Another pro tip for the colder months is to fold your Brook Roundie in half to create a beautiful lightweight poncho that looks great on it’s own, or layered over your favourite coat.

DIY Tote Bag

Who of us hasn’t been caught at the grocery store or market having forgotten our reusable bag? One of our favourite (and most unexpected) uses for the Oasis Towel is to make a handy market bag. Simply lay the towel down, fold in half lengthwise, tie the corners together a couple of times and voilà! This makes a perfectly stylish and practical bag for the market, or for a day out at the apple orchard. 

Fall Picnic

There is nothing quite as peaceful as a wine and cheese platter on a sunny fall day, surrounded by spectacularly vibrant leaves. Picnics are a cinch with the Brook Blanket doubling as a picnic blanket. They roll up to be compact and easy to travel with, and as an added bonus, if you pack your blanket strategically in your picnic basket it can act as a buffer, keeping your wine glasses safe. 

There you have it! Finding versatility helps to enhance the value of the pieces you already own and love. By choosing to invest in well-made, multipurpose pieces, you are helping to reduce mass production and over consumption. We hope these fun tips and tricks inspire you to do more with your favourite Stray & Wander textiles. 

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