How To Be Better At Self Care

How To Be Better At Self Care

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Here at Stray & Wander HQ we’re big proponents of the Self-Care Movement, but trust us, we get how hard it can be to stay on top of carving out time for yourself. Whether you’re taking care of a family, balancing work/home life commitments, studying, or hustling as a #girlboss, we can relate to the feeling of being over-extended and in need of a little self love.

While we’re all for big gestures like spa days and weekend getaways, it’s the simple tweaks to our daily routines that can really have an impact. Check out our tips below on How To Be Better At Self-Care.

1. Scheduling “Me Time”.
Just Iike everything else in your life that takes priority, “Me Time” needs to be added to your schedule, or let’s face it, it’s unlikely to happen. Whether it’s a favourite yoga class, a massage, or an hour to simply chill, blocking off time for self-care in the same way that you would schedule a meeting, makes it a priority, AND keeps you organized.

2. Self-Exploration.
Have fun with this one, figure out what feeds your soul, and do more of it! Not sure if you like art galleries? Visit one over your lunch hour and if you enjoy yourself, do it again! Make it a monthly date, either solo or with an equally inspired pal. Why not pick up a sketch pad and some paints and try your hand at artistic expression at home. Not much of an artist? What about gardening? Reading? DIY’s? The options are endless, the only thing holding you back is likely your comfort zone, so step outside it and start exploring!

3. Home Spa.
Weekend getaways are pricey, but treating yourself to spa-like treatments at home can be a simple and much more economical way to show yourself some TLC. Why not turn your bathroom into a mini sanctuary, and stock it with candles, scrubs, and of course our Turkish towels. We use our Marin hand towels to twist our hair up when we’re applying our favourite (and messy!) charcoal masks, and our full size towels are perfect for wrapping ourselves up  post bubble bath. Even if you’re sharing a bathroom with multiple family members you can still dedicate a shelf to your self care goodies, carving out a little bit of “Me Space” amidst everything (and everyone!) else.

4. Create Rituals.
Working self-care into our daily routine becomes a lot easier when we create self-care rituals; simple actions done repeatedly, with the intention of being good to ourselves. One of our favourite ways to wind down at night is cozied up under one of our Rêve blankets, with a warm mug of herbal tea, and a good book. Repeat this action enough, and your body and mind will become conditioned to relax almost as soon as you hear the kettle boiling. Self-massage is another favourite way to really be present. We love beginning and ending our day with a 2-minute facial massage using a natural facial oil.

5. Value Yourself; You’re WORTH IT!
It’s often easy for us to see the value in other people, but harder for us to recognize it in our own selves. We wouldn’t think twice about treating a loved one, but we can have a tendency to feel as though attention spent on ourselves is a less worthy use of our energy. Well, we here at Stray & Wander want you to know that you’re absolutely worth an ABUNDANCE of energy; we ALL are! Just as our families, jobs, friends, and goals are important, so are our own personal needs. Taking time out for yourself is not time misspent, in fact, it's the best way to ensure that you’ll continue to feel healthy and nourished. We are far better equipped to support those around us, when we first take care to support ourselves!

Happy YOU Time!


Stray & Wander Team

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