5 Ways To Live More Sustainably

5 Ways To Live More Sustainably

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Here at Stray & Wander we believe everyone of us can make a difference in the overall health of the planet. Living more sustainably doesn’t necessarily mean overhauling our entire existence, we like to think of it more as conscious decisions that add up over time. Check our our list of favourite sustainable actions to see how you can easily add a little green to your daily routine.

1. Use Turkish towels and other items with mult-functional uses.

We think Turkish towels are the ultimate in sustainable style. They require relatively little drying time when used with dryer balls or other eco friendly drying aids, or choose to cut out consumption of electricity entirely, and hang to dry. Turkish towels are also mult-functional; we use them in the kitchen, bathroom, nursery, and for stylish and functional accents around the home.  We also love our Turkish towels at the beach (to lie on or as sarongs!), and for hitting the gym, or bringing to yoga class.

2. Grow cuttings from plants in reusable jars.

We’re always filling our living spaces with pots on pots of plants, and we’re loving how easy it is to grow more plants from cuttings. We suggest washing small glass jars and filling them with water and a plant clipping to grow the roots, and then transplanting the new mini plant to a pot with soil. Plants are perfect indoors to clean the air, and we think they make a thoughtful, homegrown gift.

3. Plant a kitchen herb garden

Herbs make all the difference in flavouring a simple meal, as well as adding a beautiful splash of green to our garden space. Whether indoors or outdoors, herb gardens cut costs on grocery bills (seeds and seedlings cost a couple of dollars at most), and flourish easily with sunshine and H20. Harvest your outdoor plants at the end of the summer to make pesto and sauces, and start fresh inside for the winter months.

4. Coffee grinds as an odour absorber

"But First Coffee" is literally our daily mantra, but what to do with the coffee grinds once we’re done? We’ve found a perfect way to recycle them by spooning them into a bowl in the fridge or freezer to absorb any icky odours that might be lurking.

5. Re-usable Food Wraps

In our opinion, reusable food wraps are the best way to keep our food fresh and eliminate wasteful storage packaging. Whether we’re wrapping up loaves of bread, or half used cucumbers or avocado, reusable food wraps seal in freshness (they work in the same way as a vegetable skin or cheese rind would), ensuring we get to enjoy every last bite!

Happy Greening!


Stray & Wander Team

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