Our Favourite Fall Teas

Our Favourite Fall Teas

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As much as we’re sad to see another summer end, we do love the coziness that Fall weather brings. Here at Stray & Wander we’re already reaching for our favourite Turkish blankets to wrap up in with a good book and a warm mug of tea. Thanks to our amazing stockists, we’ve recently discovered some new favourite tea blends, perfect for energizing, calming, or whatever suits our mood.

1. Innate Wellness Botanicals Mood Balancing Blend
We swear by this naturopathic blend of botanicals to bring balance into our otherwise hectic lives. Made onsite by Innate Wellness’ team of naturopathic doctors, we find this blend particularly helpful when our cycles are in full swing, and the soothing herbs are a welcome addition to our wind-down routine.

2. Affect Health Nightly Zen
We’re big fans of anything that helps us get a full night of zzzzz’s, like this calming blend from Affect Health. We found Nightly Zen at green beauty haven the Detox Market, amongst a wide assortment of other equally awesome teas.

3. Tumeric Teas Dawn
We’ve got both feet planted on the tumeric bandwagon, so of course we’re gaga for this energizing and organic blend of chai tea and tumeric root available through our friends at Well.ca.

4. Matcha Ninja Cold Brew Matcha
With the stimulative effect of caffeine without any of the crash, we’re eagerly reaching for matcha to start our morning. Available through our pals at Health Hut, we love that this brand can be added to our water bottles for a shake-n-go boost.

5. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix
Not exactly a tea, but absolutely in the cozy category, we’re obsessing over this cacao hot chocolate mixed with dried reishi mushrooms, which are known for their anti-stress properties. Also available through Health Hut.

Happy Sipping!


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