6 Ways To Style Your Home With Plants and Flowers

6 Ways To Style Your Home With Plants and Flowers

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Let’s face it, most of us have been spending more time than usual at home. If you’re feeling like your space could use a change, consider livening it up with indoor plants and flowers.

Not sure how to start decorating with flora? We’ve put together a few suggestions to get you started.


1. Plant Stands and Hanging Plant Stands

 Using stands, whether hanging or freestanding, creates visual depth and focal points throughout your space. If you’re working with a smaller space, consider choosing a stand with skinny legs. Hanging plant stands also work beautifully in small spaces and can be a fun DIY project requiring only a plank of wood, eye hooks and some strong twine.


2. Showcase Your Air Plants

These low-maintenance beauties are fascinating as they require no soil to grow! Air plants make a unique addition to your home or office space. You can create your own terrarium to house them (another fun DIY project), or alternately, hang them in macramé plant hangers. Another cute option is to display you air plants in brass wall sconces.

hanging air plants


3. Trailing Plants

Vines are a wonderful addition to any space and are a simple way to transform your space into a magical indoor jungle. Popular trailing plants include devil’s ivy, string of pearls, string of hearts, pothos and English ivy. Trailing plants are fast growing and can be easily propagated from cuttings.


4. Natural Baskets

Natural baskets help to instantly elevate your plant game. Pop your planters into beautiful handmade baskets (if possible, try to source fairly traded baskets from women's cooperatives) made from wicker, rattan, or jute for a bohemian chic look with a natural aesthetic and neutral colour palette.

You can also try searching for second-hand baskets at local shops and markets or, you could consider repurposing what you already have around your house.


5. Repurposing Glass Jars and Bottles

Repurposing old glass jars and bottles is a fun way to style plants and to propagate cuttings. They can make beautiful centrepieces on your dinning room or kitchen table, and minimalist interest pieces on coffee tables, accent tables and bedside tables.

Use your old jars and bottles that you have at home, or if you’re looking for more unique vessels, check out your local antique shops and markets.


6. Decorate with Dried Bouquets

Dried bouquets are widely used by interior designers and social media influencers alike to create interesting focal points on mantels and indoor spaces. Pampas Grass, bunny tail grass, eucalyptus and natural palm spear fan are all popular.

You can source these from your local nursery or head out on an adventure to see what you can forage. We love that dried arrangements are long-lasting and cost efficient. 


Dried Flowers




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