Brands We Love: Fenwick Candles-Disrupting the Candle Industry Through Sustainability

Brands We Love: Fenwick Candles-Disrupting the Candle Industry Through Sustainability

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Do you know what’s in your candle wax?

If you’re like most people, you might never have really thought about it. For many consumers, candles are a valuable small indulgence, allowing us to collectively slow down and engage in some much-needed self-care. More than ever, we’re seeing people reaching for tangible comforts to remain grounded and balanced.

The candle industry is thriving, growing, and projected to boom over the next several years. However, as with any oversaturated market, there are good and bad options for our collective and individual wellness.

The current trend in the candle industry is increasingly focused on sustainability, ecology, and holistic health. As such, many companies are promoting their products as eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, and “green,” in order to court this new demographic of conscious buyers. However, not every company is truly walking the walk.


Fenwick Candles’ Place in the Aromatherapy Movement

The ethos of Fenwick Candles has always been simple: blending tradition with progress, and always looking to nature for inspiration.

The ancient practice of aromatherapy informed founder Trish Fenwick’s work as she began crafting her distinctive candles back in 2015, and today, she continues to operate her business in the Green Belt outside of Toronto.

Over the past six years, the FC brand has grown consistently due to its emphasis on eternal sacred truths: rhythms in nature, the beauty of the rural Canadian landscape, and ethical transparency.

The wax used in Fenwick Candles is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. They are known for having their own proprietary organic coconut wax, a wholly unique blend of raw materials sourced domestically and internationally.

Radical Transparency and Prevailing Authenticity

At first glance, you might recognize Fenwick Candles by their unique ivory tone. The pure white candles are an aesthetic wonder, pairing well with minimalist décor and bringing warmth and romance to any living space. But, they offer much more than surface-level beauty. FC’s candles are all non-GMO, synthetic-free, and handcrafted with intentionality, relying on three foundational ingredients:

  1. Coconut oil, the majority host.

 Every man-made wax begins with an oil, but FC wanted to choose one with purpose. They looked for a resource that is certified organic and stamped with ECOCERT approval. These regulations support rather than disrupt the natural environment, and that eliminates the need for deforestation. Mother Nature provided something special with the coconut tree. When allowed to grow to full maturity, these trees can bear fruit for up to 60 years, encouraging longevity and eliminating the need for deforestation. Coconut oil’s fatty acid composition serves as a protective host for the essential oils.

  1. Stearic acid, the regulator.

The stearic acid in each candle is sourced from palm fruit oil. There are many misconceptions about palm, but after much research and work with ethical suppliers, FC discovered that it is an incredible renewable resource. When harvested ethically, palm can allow for an abundance in sustainable application. FC works with a RSPO-certified supplier whose mission is to support and protect small growers who follow the principles of permaculture. RSPO is designed to regulate and maintain the integrity of this incredibly versatile resource that in turn regulates our earth. Plus, stearic acid’s rigidity is the reason why Fenwick Candles have an impressive burn time of up to 80 hours.

  1. Beeswax, the stabilizer.

Beeswax is truly a scientific anomaly, standing out from the crowd as nature’s only true wax that is used on its own for candlemaking. This ingredient plays an important role in harmonizing all of the fatty acids and in stabilizing the wax’s form. Fenwick Candles works with Canada’s leading apiaries who are proud stewards of a sustainable beekeeper’s initiative. These apiaries offer a unique process of charcoal filtering their wax. This maintains the integrity of the chemical makeup of the wax, while gradually fading out the amber hue to a warm tonal white. 

Every ingredient in Fenwick Candles is carefully selected for its value in sustainability, and each candle is hand-poured with love. With ten tantalizing scents to choose from (our favourite is  no. 7 fir balsam x cedar), there is a candle for every mood, every season, and every taste. Plus, you can listen to sounds inspired by your favourite scent on FC’s curated playlists.

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