Featured Retailer: Moonlight Lace

Featured Retailer: Moonlight Lace

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Moonlight Lace is a gorgeous bridal salon and boutique designed for the modern bride. Built on a mission to help each bride find the gown that makes her feel more confidently her, its promise is great service and refreshing designs.

Founded in 2019 by Natalie Mills, the shop opened its doors this month in Reno’s burgeoning midtown district. Their curated collection hones individuality through a diverse and growing group of global designers from Australia, France, California, Oregon and New York.

Moonlight Lace features select designs with a range of edgy minimalism to boho chic gowns as well as a full retail offering of gift items and women’s clothing. We’re proud to have our line of handmade and fair trade Turkish towels & blankets featured in this gorgeous boutique.


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