Incorporating Turkish Towels & Blankets Into Your Yoga Practice

Incorporating Turkish Towels & Blankets Into Your Yoga Practice

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We often get questions about how our Turkish towels and blankets can be used in your yoga practice, so we thought we’d do a little round up of the different sizes and their uses.

Small Towels

Our small towels are the ideal size sweat towel for any practice. They’re super absorbent and quick drying. You can use a small towel to cover a portion of your mat or to wipe your hands or face during a sweaty practice. They come in handy for hot yoga and can be placed across the front of your mat to keep you from slipping and sliding.

Having a quick shower after yoga class? These little guys are also the perfect hair towel size.

Full Size Turkish Towels

These beauties are great to use as yoga mat covers. Why do you need a cover for your mat? Turkish towels keep excess sweat and wear & tear from damaging your mat, adding to its longevity. If you’re using a studio mat, a towel can help protect you from other people’s sweat, dirt, and germs.

Turkish towels also provide extra padding, which is good news for anyone with sensitive joints. We also love using our towels instead of a strap, particularly when we’re lucky enough to be practicing on the beach!

Our full size towels are also perfect for your after yoga shower as they are compact, are super absorbent and dry quickly.


Turkish blankets make fantastic yin yoga props to help with your poses and also to cover up and keep warm. The extra padding from a blanket is beneficial during yin yoga’s long holds! 

You can fold it up and sit on it to elevate your seat, use it for extra knee padding, or even drape it over your shoulders! You can also roll it up and use it like a small bolster.

And last, but certainly not least, our Turkish blankets are the perfect cozy layer for Savasana!





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